Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year, New House

Happy New Year! We have been in our new house for two weeks now, and even though our internet service was hooked up within days, this is the first time I have sat in front of the computer long enough to do more than check email or the bank account balance. My days - especially during the formerly quiet periods of naptime and post-children's bedtime - have been busy with unpacking, cleaning, and painting. We have dealt with snowstorms, colds, pregnancy pains, (again) broken cars and (again) broken computers. The inbetween moments are quickly filled with snacktimes, snuggling, visiting, laundry, and dishes (some things never change...and some are only intensified by two weeks without a dishwasher). Blogging and other such virtual activities have taken a distant backseat to the task at hand of making our new house a home.

And home it is. It is exciting to turn a dusty, abandoned house into a home that suits our family perfectly. Now that the walls are painted, new appliances installed, boxes unpacked, and the kitchen floor scrubbed, our home is becoming a delightful place to be. There are a few finishing touches for my handyman to tackle - like hanging pictures and replacing the toilet - and I am sure I will find a few more corners that need cleaning or odds and ends that need a home. There are some bare windows that expose our every move to passing traffic and curious neighbors, a snow-dusted refrigerator in our backyard (next to the pool that is full of fallen pine branches), and a basement that I dare not even attempt to turn into a respectably sanitary place. Overall, though, I am feeling so happily blessed. The Lord has given us a wonderful place to live, and wonderfully kind friends and family nearby to share it with. I am looking forward to a memorable year of making home!

She replied, "I have a home among my own people." - 2 Kings 4:13b

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  1. Praise God! I am glad to hear all is going well and you are settling in :-)