Friday, April 10, 2009

100 Posts

Believe it or not, this is my 100th post here on Lambs in His Arms. To commemorate the occasion, I thought I would share 100 random things which you may or may not know about me. Thank you for reading along, and I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little more!

1. My real name is Amanda
2. ...but I much prefer to be called Manda. I have never liked pointy A's.
3. The "All About Me" book I made in preschool says "My name is AMANDY."
4. My sister is also named Amanda.
5. No, my parents aren't crazy. Amanda Rae is my stepsister. I have a sister and a stepbrother too.
6. I have never had a dog or cat.
7. I have lived with cats though. I'm not a fan.
8. I have two boys, Donny and Hayden, and a baby girl due in June.
9. When I was pregnant with Donny, I craved baked goods, especially muffins from the supermarket bakery. Mmm, carrot cake.
10. Donny LOVES muffins.
11. I ate ice cream every night when I was pregnant with Hayden.
12. Hayden is allergic to milk, so he has never tried ice cream.
13. While nursing him, I could not eat ice cream either...or any of the many other foods he is allergic to.
14. I picked out Hayden's name. It is still my favorite boy name.
15. Donny has the same name as his daddy and grandfather.
16. I once considered having 10 children and giving them all J names. Years later, the Duggars became famous for having 18 children...and all of their names start with J.
17. Don and I really hope to be blessed with lots of children.
18. We would love to adopt children in the future if God leads
19. ...and we will welcome as many biological children as God gives us. :)
20. Being a stay at home mom is my dream job.
21. In fact, I was distressed on high school career day because homemaker, housewife, and mom were not considered legitimate careers.
22. I am one of the youngest moms I know.
23. I am not an athletic or adventurous person.
24. I have never gone skiing, and do not intend to.
25. I have never broken a bone. See #23 and 24.
30. My favorite fruits are red/pink (apples, watermelon, cherries, strawberries...)
31. ...and my favorite vegetables are orange (carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, and orange peppers).
32. I don't drink coffee or alcohol because I don't like them, and have no desire to acquire a taste for them.
33. Homemade oatmeal with cooked apples is one of my favorite foods.
34. I prefer pretty much anything homemade, since I can make it the way I like.
35. I bake bread every week.
36. I like my food cooked. Cereal, salads, and sandwiches do not appeal to me.
37. I find it challenging to feed four people with very different tastes and dietary restrictions.
38. Music affects my mood, so I prefer to listen to hymns or praise songs, if anything.
39. Snuggling with my husband is pretty much my favorite thing on earth to do.
40. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms.
41. I also love Ruth, Isaiah, and pretty much all of the New Testament letters.
42. I started memorizing Ephesians last year, but gave up in the second chapter.
43. I really should work on memorizing more Scripture; I was blessed by what I did learn
44., memorization is easier for me than for many people.
45. I think that's why I did well in school. I always got A's.
46. I went to public school for 12 years.
47. I plan to homeschool my children for about 18 years. ;)
48. I went to college for Early Childhood Education.
49. I'm glad I have an Associate's Degree, and didn't waste more time and money on education I didn't need.
50. My favorite color is green. I also love royal blue.
51. I love long showers, freshly washed sheets, and clean floors - pretty much anything that feels clean.
52. My hand, feet, and nose always feel cold to other people.
53. I love having green eyes with dark hair, since it's not very common.
54. I wonder how many of our children will have curly red hair like my husband.
55. So far, Hayden looks mostly looks like me.
56. Donny looks like Donny. I think he's a fair mix of Don and me.
57. I am not tall, and people usually gasp over how little I weigh in pounds.
58. Apparently I don't have much muscle. Muscle is heavy.
59. My husband has more than enough muscles for both of us. <3
60. But when I'm done being pregnant, I hope to start exercising again.
61. I love the miracle of the conception-to-birth process!
62. God has blessed me with fairly easy pregnancies.
63. In fact, pregnancy is the only time that I don't have frequent migraines.
64. I am not sure what causes this apparent correlation.
65. I am right handed.
66. I only talk on the phone with my left ear.
67. And the year I did gymnastics, I was a lefty gymnast.
68. My husband is an amazing gymnast.
69. We went to the same high school.
70. ...But we met at church.
71. I thought he was kind of geeky.
72. He is. He fixes all of our computer problems. :)
73. And he's good at so many other things too. I am very blessed!
74. I was baptized as an infant, and by my choice at age 9.
75. I didn't live as a Christian in high school.
76. I am eternally thankful that the Lord drew me back to his side!
77. In college, I volunteered a little bit at a crisis pregnancy center.
78. I love babies.
79. When I worked in childcare, I was an infant teacher.
80. I loved taking care of the babies there, but I would never want to put my own child in a center.
81. I believe breastfeeding is the best and most natural way to feed a baby.
82. I wear my babies a lot when they are small. It's like hands-free snuggling. :)
83. I wish more people would embrace children as the precious gift from God that they are.
84. I do not find parenting or marriage easy; I believe both are for my sanctification.
85. I was an avid reader as a child and preteen.
86. Jane Austen, L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, and Laura Ingalls Wilder were my favorite authors.
87. I think I owned all of the books written by the above authors as part of my large collection.
88. The said collection has been thinned through several moves. Frequent moving is a great way to part with unnecessary possessions.
89. I am a former packrat who now hates clutter passionately. I started anti-clutter nesting while pregnant with Hayden, and it never went away.
90. I don't read many books anymore, and never fiction.
91. I do like to read how-to type books (how to garden, Christian parenting books, etc.) occasionally, but more to gain knowledge than to enjoy the process of reading.
92. I would love to have a vegetable garden someday, and hope to start a little this year.
93. I also wish I enjoyed sewing...I would make so many cool things.
94. I love having friends and family over to visit.
95. I love having a clean house. It's so much more peaceful.
96. I try to eat well by day, but I must have dessert every night.
97. Dark chocolate is far superior to milk chocolate, and dark chocolate with nuts is even better.
98. In elementary school, I wanted to be a famous author when I grew up.
99. I put writing aside for many years. Then I discovered blogging, and here I am.
100. I am thankful for all of my dear readers who took the time to read this. May God bless you!

The Spirit of God has made me;
the breath of the Almighty gives me life.

Job 33:4


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts! I LOVED reading your list and learning more about you.

  2. Congrats on 10 posts Manda. Love Ya.

  3. Manda,
    You sound like a very sweet, tender,loving, friend, wife and momma.

    I enjoyed reading about you. Thanks for linking up so I could come over. :)

  4. I enjoyed reading about you! I had to laugh about the moving thing being a house husband and I have always said that! but maybe you have to move alot to realize that huh! It's all just "stuff" anyway...
    I was wondering how you cook your butternut squash? I have never tried it! and lastly..I whole hardily agree with you on our children being our most treasured and precious gift! And I miss them being in home so vey badly, So enjoy them, for they do grow up WAY TO FAST! Blessings Shi~

  5. Thanks everyone! Shi, I usually cut my butternut squash in half and bake in the oven until tender, then scoop out the seeds, remove the flesh from the skin, and mash the flesh a bit. I add butter and salt or cinnamon, depending on what mood I'm in. It's delicious with some pumpkin pie seasonings and a bit of maple syrup or brown sugar, too!

  6. Manda, I liked reading this. You are interesting and fun.

    My husband and I used to say people should move before their house gets dirty! ha! And we did a few times. But then we settled in one place for 19 years,...and that move was hard because we had collected so much over that time.

    We built a new house 2 years ago and we got rid of a lot of stuff,...but it is amazing how much we aquired in just two years. Time to go through and thin things out again.

    MAYBE you have inspired me to de-clutter????

    I like blogging and meeting new people and making friends.

    Visit my blog and read my 100 list if you have time.
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. Hey! Congrats on being featured today. I enjoyed reading your 100 things. I love a clean house too. It's the best feeling! It seems we have a lot in common. Have a great week!

  8. Great post...It is so great to "Get to Know You"...and congrats on being featured. I enjoyed reading your list. I love breastfeeding and agree that it's best too. I also have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. And although I struggle sometimes with the temptation to go back and get my bachelor's for the most part...when I come to my senses...I am glad I didn't waste any more time and money on an education that I don't need, as well. O.K....that run-on sentence probably just proved I should spend the money and further my education! =) It was nice to meet you.

    Many Blessings,
    Kelly Gerken
    Sufficient Grace Ministries

  9. You sound like such a warm and very loving person! And small. And pretty ^_^

    AND your house is probably much cleaner than mine (and more organized)! I love to have a clean home, too, it IS so much more relaxing...but it just isn't always possible and I've had to learn to relax anyways =)