Friday, August 29, 2008

The Demoncratic Party

"It's like a train wreck," said my husband of the televised Democratic convention this week. "I can't not listen."

Indeed, it was hard to turn our ears away from listening to the deceptions that were poured out as liberal immorality was celebrated, while conservative politics were generally insulted without any factual arguments. Among the speeches I heard early in the week, I noticed the Democrats' recurring theme of espousing America as the land of opportunity, then negating their previous statements by declaring that "we can't afford" four more years of the current policies. The Democrats clamour for "change," but what change are they looking for? As far as I can tell, it's more government control, more liberal policies, and more sugar-coated poison that will lead to our nation's downfall.

Besides being generally appalled by their proposed policies and several unfounded arguments, I was surprised to see how many of the speakers were women. They celebrated the fact that for the first time ever, more women than men were present as delegates at the convention. One woman shared how she had sued her employer when she believed he was paying her less than he was paying men (to which my husband replied that other people who do his job earn more than he does, and it's not because he is a man or because he has red hair!). They even referred to the Democratic party as the party of women. Despite their speeches that pander to single women and their policies that destroy the integrity of the family and the definition of marriage, these women seem to be believe that they are advocating for families. Consider this quote from Hillary Clinton's speech, citing some of the ideals upon which she based her Presidential campaign:

"To fight for an America defined by deep and meaningful equality - from civil rights to labor rights, from women's rights to gay rights, from ending discrimination to promoting unionization to providing help for the most important job there is: caring for our families. To help every child live up to his or her God-given potential."

Am I the only one who finds contradictions in those statements? How can you say that caring for our families is "the most important job there is" when you encourage women to leave their families and pursue careers? How can you care for families when you accept the immorality that undermines marriage and destroys children in the name of rights? How can you help every child LIVE up to his God-given potential when you give his mother the "right" to abort him before he is even born?

The essential platforms of the Democratic party are so contrary to the Bible's teachings that I am shocked when they mention "God" in their speeches. Instead of encouraging men to provide for their families (see 1 Timothy 5:8) and the church to care for the poor, the Democratic party sponsors welfare programs that can make families dependent on government aid and leave them caught in a trap where they are unable to become self-sufficient for fear of losing their financial assistance. (A side note: Our family, being lower income, has been helped by several government programs. While I am truly thankful for the assistance, I have seen how the income limits discourage wage earners from taking on extra work, and asset limits discourage families from saving their money.) Instead of supporting the right of parents to educate their children ( Proverbs 1:8, Deuteronomy 11:18-19), they want to use tax dollars to fund the public schools that teach evolution as fact and promote homosexuality as normal behavior. Instead of acknowledging that God creates every life (Psalm 139), they give mothers the "right to choose" murder, and create policies that value the life of endangered species over the life of the human species.

My title is a typo that I made no less than three times while composing the text of this post. I decided to share it because, though it may be offensive to some, it is uncannily accurate. Demons whisper lies:
  • Murder is okay - under certain circumstances at least.
  • Homosexuality is good and normal, and anyone who speaks against it is committing a hate crime.
  • Wives do not need to submit to their husbands - in fact, they don't even need husbands.
  • Divorce is acceptable and sometimes inevitable.
  • Children need not submit to their parents (nor even inform them when they choose an abortion).
The Democratic Party embraces these lies as truths, then tacks on feel-good messages of patriotism, independence, and a better world for our children. Sadly, as so many women are lured in with this bait, they become entangled in the web of lies that Satan has spun to form the foundation of our nation's liberal politics.

A woman was easily deceived in Eden. Instead of adhering to God's command not to eat from the tree, Eve was tricked into taking the fateful fruit, which she shared with her husband - and with that action, she ushered in a legacy of sin and death for all mankind.

And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. - 1 Timothy 2:14

Today, women are easily deceived in America. To use the Democrats' expression, "we cannot afford" for women to be deceived any longer. We cannot afford to let our country continue toward liberal policies of broken families controlled by government instead of God. We cannot afford the "change" that Democrats seek. The cost of our children, our morals, and our freedom is too great. My fellow women of God, I urge you to take a stand for conservative policies. Since we have been afforded the privilege of suffrage, let us use it to elect leaders who will make moral decisions for our country, instead of those who have fallen prey to the lies of demons.

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  1. Great loving analysis of why I can't identify with the Democrats!

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