Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loving the Target Clearance Rack

I'm not a huge shopper, but after deciding on a theme of red with hearts for my kitchen, I have harbored intentions of scouring the February 15th clearance racks for affordable accessories. Between Christmas and Valentine's Day is definitely the best time to paint a kitchen red, since in early January I found a pretty red tablecloth for only $5 on clearance at Target. At our housewarming party, I received some great red heart towels and fun heart-shaped serving bowls, so I went to Target yesterday with no pressing needs, but hoping to find great deals on similar items. I was not disappointed! After a few trips through the picked-over Valentine aisles and the infant clothing clearance rack, I filled my shopping cart with the following goodies:

- five bags of Hershey's dark chocolate (the ones that usually cost $2.50-$3 each, and last through one or two weeks of pregnancy chocolate cravings)
- four heart-shaped melamine plates (after Donny shattered one of my china plates on the tile floor last week, I'm thinking that owning a few plastic dishes might not be such a bad thing)
- one striped rug that reverses to red (I have been wanting a coordinating rug to go in front of the kitchen sink, and I love stripes!)
- one scrubber (since my old vegetable scrub brush had to be thrown away)
- two pink zippered hoodies, sizes 3 months and 12 months (my first time buying girl clothes, ever!)
- two pairs of red cotton pants, sizes 3 months and 6 months
- one newborn striped sleeper
- one pair of striped girly socks (Did I mention I love stripes?)
And the total...


My receipt says, "You saved 44.61." If all of my shopping trips were like this one, I just might fall in love with Target!

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